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Fatima Gul – In a glance:

Fatima Gul is a young woman who was born in a community on the Aegean shore with her brother who runs a dairy. Fatima Gul is committed to get married a fisherman Mustafa Nalçalı in a few months time as well as wishes of getting away from her irritating sister-in-law who dislikes her. Karim Ilgaz is a well brought-up blacksmith novice who resides with his aunt Meryem Aksoy famous friendliness as “Ebe Nine” (“Granny Ebe”) who is a healer of herbal medications. The great occasion of the time is the engagement of the city’s wealthy and dominant entrepreneur Reşat Yaşaran’s son Selim to the elected official Turaner Alagöz’s daughter Meltem. Karim gets together with his long forgotten companion Vural, Erdoğan and the Selim. Later than the engagement social gathering, all four of them have some drinks and drugs overindulge to have a good time. Fatima Gul goes to see Mustafa off on another go-fishing trip and misfortunately draw closer to them. Erdoğan, Selim and Vural gang-rape Fatima Gul, with Karim conceded away with no reminiscence of the happening. A shocked Fatma Gul is afterward found out the next sunrise by Meryem Aksoy she picks her herbs from. At the same time as the town was suffering hue and cry on the rape unpleasant incident, Karim admits the blameworthiness and be of the same opinion to get married with Fatima Gul as he misguidedly considers himself to be blameworthy and in order to save his acquaintances. As an outcome Fatma Gul and Karim’s families put up for selling their belongings and shift to İstanbul to re-initiate another home. Fatima Gul somehow consider Karim a bit trustworthy. However things turn out to be full of twists and turns because of the maneuverings of the Yaşaran and their crooked legal representative Münir Telci who try to find any way to save themselves from any harm and as well as form Mustafa who looks for vengeance.

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Personal review:

I extremely adore Fatima Gul (Beren SaaT), this is a good drama, with luminous performing arts. A must watch to each and every of the bloggers. Beren Saat and Engin Akurik have illustrious chemistry. That is what I like regarding it for the most part. All the further actors fit their roles flawlessly; I actually wouldn’t modify any item in the drama. I wish to give a standing ovation the producer, writers, director and also the actors. Anybody who has viewed has been converted into fans to it instantly. Carry on the high-quality effort and optimism the tale steps forward properly and will not finish up unsatisfactory. Its initial scenes are recorded in wonderful Izmir, An excellent vacationer purpose. The tale fundamentally rotates around herself, Karim and their families and companions. How abhorrence spins into love and love turns to hatred. Watch it before I tell further story as I do not wish for giving out more away. And one more thing in last .. I love Beren Saat (Fatima Gul).




Beren Saat Fatima Gul
Engin Akyürek Kerim Ilgaz
Sumru Yavrucuk Meryem Aksoy (“Ebe Nine”)
Musa Uzunlar Reşat Yaşaran
Civan Canova Kadir Pakalın
Murat Daltaban Münir Telci
Kaan Taşaner Erdoğan Yaşaran
Fırat Çelik Mustafa Nalçalı
Engin Öztürk Selim Yaşaran
Seda Güven Meltem Alagöz
Buğra Gülsoy Vural Namlı
Sevtap Özaltun Asu(de) / Hacer Ovacık
Deniz Türkali Perihan Yaşaran
Esra Dermancıoğlu Mukaddes Ketenci
Bülent Seyran Rahmi Ketenci
Veda Yurtsever İpek Ender Alagöz
Aziz Sarvan Turaner Alagöz
Mehmet Uslu Rıfat Yaşaran
Servet Pandur Leman Namlı
Zühtü Erkan Şemsi Namlı
Sacide Taşaner Halide Nalçalı
Toygun Ateş Emin Nalçalı
Deniz Baytaş Hilmiye Yaşaran
Alper Saylik Samin
Alper Kut Ömer Akari
Emre Yetim Emre
Gözde Kocaoğlu Deniz
Nilay Kaya Gaye
Clare Frost Kristen Norton
Ata Yılmaz Önal Murat Ketenci
Duygu Gök Zeynep


Created by Vedat Türkali
Written by Ece Yörenç
Melek Gençoğlu
Directed by Hilal Saral
Starring Beren Saat
Engin Akyürek
Sumru Yavrucuk
Musa Uzunlar
Murat Daltaban
Esra Dermancıoğlu
Producer(s) Ay Yapım



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